Adoption Process In Illinois: What You Need To Know

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Adopting a child can be one of the most beautiful experiences in your life. Not only will you give a child a loving home, but you’ll also embark on an incredible journey that will change their life and yours.

Adopting is certainly a wild journey, which is why you must be prepared financially and emotionally since it can be a very long and expensive process. In this informative piece, we’ll explain what the adoption process is like in the state of Illinois. Let’s dive in!

What’s The Adoption Process Like In Illinois?

In Illinois, you start an adoption process by filing a Petition for Adoption; you’ll also need Final and Irrevocable Consent to Adoption provided by the biological parents. Both documents need to be acknowledged by the court.

Hearings and conferences will be held in court to determine if you’re eligible to be a parent. A home study will take place to confirm you meet the residency needs. A final judgment will be held at court after the corresponding investigations are made to grant full legal parental rights to you.

Who Can Adopt

In Illinois, anyone above the age of 21 can adopt a child regardless of gender, sexual preference, or if they’re married. However, you must be able to financially support the child and provide a decent quality of life. The income isn’t specified. 

A potential parent must not have any legal disabilities; they must meet basic residency requirements and have a pristine reputation. 

Types Of Adoption


This type of adoption consists of a family member legally adopting a child, whether it’s a grandparent, uncle, sibling, or any close relative. It’s the quickest and easiest type of adoption.


One type is called agency-based adoption. A child is placed for adoption through a licensed public or private agency. This type of adoption can be arranged directly between the adoptive parents and the birth parents. Still, it can also involve an intermediary such as an attorney or facilitator.


Another type of adoption is a private domestic adoption, in which the adoptive parents contact a birth parent directly to arrange an adoption. Sometimes this adoption involves using an intermediary, such as an attorney or facilitator, but sometimes it does not. 


This unique type of adoption occurs when a specific event happens, like the death of the child’s parents, for example.

Get To Know The Adoption Timelines

The timeframe from the beginning to the end of the adoption process will depend on the type of adoption; it can usually last around six months or more. The adoption process in the state of Illinois can be a long and complex one. 

There are several different steps that adoptive parents need to go through before their adoption is finalized, which can sometimes take months or even years.

First Steps To Take

  • Prepare yourself emotionally
  • Filing a petition for adoption
  • Final and irrevocable consent to adoption
  • Get organized
  • Reach out for assistance and guidance

A Compassionate And Experienced Attorney For Guidance

Are you planning to go through the wild ride of being a parent and adopting a child? If so, you must find the right adoption lawyer in Illinois to provide guidance and legal representation.

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