Licensed Attorney In Macon County, IL

Having a respected and well-known attorney on your side is essential in any type of case.  

I received my law degree from the University of Chicago (formerly known as John Marshall Law School) in 2016.  I am a divorce and family, criminal defense attorney, and personal injury lawyer who practices law throughout Central Illinois.

Getting to Know Courtney Anderson 

If you are looking for a “divorce lawyer near me, a criminal defense attorney, or personal injury lawyer who practices law in all of Illinois, I’m your best option. I am a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the Decatur Bar Association.

I am a divorce lawyer near you who specializes in divorce, criminal defense, and personal injury. I have been practicing law for several years and have helped my clients through their legal proceedings. 

Reasons to Hire an Experienced Lawyer

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced lawyer for divorce, personal injury, and criminal cases. An experienced lawyer will have a thorough understanding of the law and will be able to provide you with sound legal advice. 

They will also be able to represent you in court and negotiate on your behalf with the opposing party. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer will have a network of contacts who can provide expert testimony or evidence supporting your case. 

In divorce cases, an experienced lawyer can advise you on financial matters such as child support and maintenance. In personal injury cases, an experienced lawyer will know how to maximize your compensation by pursuing all available avenues of recovery. 

In criminal cases, a knowledgeable lawyer will be familiar with the prosecution’s tactics and will be able to mount a strong defense on your behalf. Therefore, if you’re facing any legal matter, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced lawyer who can provide you with the guidance and representation you need.

Courtney Anderson; Your Experienced Lawyer

I am a lawyer who has been practicing law for several years. I have represented clients in divorce, criminal, and personal injury cases during that time. I am well-versed in the laws governing each type of case and have the experience necessary to provide my clients with the proper possible legal advice. 

In addition, I am a skilled negotiator who can obtain favorable settlements for my clients. As a result, I am an excellent choice for anyone needing legal assistance in divorce, criminal law, or personal injury.